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Re: Sorry & oilprint help

Hi Henk,

Thanks for replying. I'm going to order some litho ink as you suggest. I'll try again when it arrives and I'll get back to you with the results if I may? Once again, thank you


David H 

On Oct 10 2008, henk thijs wrote:

.... since two days al my msg's to the list were bouncing; so i
contact my server and hope it is ok now...

Normal oil paint is really not the way to go; litho-etching ink is
harder (and i have the impression less additives).
Even the litho-ink is not stiff enough for me, i add pure pigments to
stiffen; also magnesium-carbonate can be used.
But, like gumprinting, parameters influencing the final result are
Gelatine coating (it took me some time before deciding to stick to 3
layers of 8 to 10 %.)
The potassium carbonate 6 %, coating until the paper is not taken
anymore and it takes a long time to dry.
The exposure, compared to gum it takes about 2 times as much (in my
case with an inkjet-plotter-foil neg.: for gum 600 to 700 seconds,
for oilprint about 1400 seconds)
The ink: if spread very thin on a tile or equivalent, go over it with
a foam roller, try on a sheet of normal paper, result must be a very
thin 'brayer-stroke'.
Before inking i dry the paper both sides, and wait a bit before
starting inking.
If ink is applied, spray a bit of water over it, and use a clean foam
roller to bring back the contrast.
Hope this helps.
If not, tell me what exactly goes wrong.