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Re: Paper negatives

12 Ekim 2008, Pazar, 3:47 pm tarihinde, Laura Valentino yazmış:
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> Loris: I went to Epson's website, and they do offer papers in 13x19, but
> I'm sure it's much more expensive than what you're using, and since it
> works for you, you should stick to it. My main reason for experimenting
> with the Epson paper is because I already have a box of it on hand (and
> I know it prints well). Now that the Icelandic krona is taking a
> nosedive, I have to be resourceful. I'm thrilled that the oiled negative
> worked!
> ...

Epson UK states something like GBP 37 (USD 63) for a 100 sheets pack of
13x19" Epson Photo Quality Inkjet Paper (probably prices are better in the
US market). The one I use costs USD 28.34 per "200 sheets" pack of 13x19"
(that makes about 22%, ~ 1/5th of Epson's price)... When you finish your
stock of Epson paper you may consider the translucent bond, I think it
would be cheaper than Epson paper even with the added shipment (request
USPS shipment, not pricey courrier service!) + customs duty... The paper
prints sharp, w/o any texture. (Did you see my 2nd tricolor gum print?)
Plus, because it's so thin and light, comparatively it occupies less space
/ mass in your paper closed.