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Re: Paper negatives

Guido: I agree with you...for that particular paper, the oiling seems like a better alternative. 48 mins is much too long for me. Thanks for the test!

Loris: I went to Epson's website, and they do offer papers in 13x19, but I'm sure it's much more expensive than what you're using, and since it works for you, you should stick to it. My main reason for experimenting with the Epson paper is because I already have a box of it on hand (and I know it prints well). Now that the Icelandic krona is taking a nosedive, I have to be resourceful. I'm thrilled that the oiled negative worked!

Katharine: I'll try that with the sodium bisulfite (I got some in a kit I ordered once). But I rather like the warm tone on the successful print, so I'll leave it alone, as long as it doesn't hurt anything (like cause the paper to deteriorate or something).

About the image: I didn't take that photo myself, it's a self-portrait my daughter took. The MySpace generation is getting quite adept at casual self portraits...and they don't use anything fancy like tripods or timers. Just hold up camera, point and shoot!