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Re: Thanks Keith (my hero!) Re: Gum on masa, again

Great! Happy for you Katharine. Please share results as soon as you've
something to show...

I was thinking on adding water to the coating mix lately (which is an idea
which I don't like much, because I'm quite accustomed to my usual mix),
more correctly, how I could avoid it...

I have an idea (will try it ASAP, in a few days time): will use an
ultrasonic humidifier to excessively humidify the paper (not to the extent
of wetting it, but making it as limp as it is possible) before coating it.
Ultrasonic humidifier is already part of my work flow. I always humidify
the back and front of the paper after coating (I quick-dry the coating
with a hair drier), just before putting in the contact printing frame
(over a mylar sheet - to hinder moisture loss during exposure), in order
to get maximum speed. Now, I will try do it before coating and see what


14 Ekim 2008, Salı, 10:49 pm tarihinde, Katharine Thayer yazmış:
> Okay, I've had to introduce some slight variations, since I don't use
> trays but sinks, and can't rock the sinks.  What I'm doing is setting
> the half sheet of coated and printed paper on a sheet of 16x20 mylar
> and introducing it into the water, face up,  supported by the mylar
> sheet.  I can't seem to stop myself from swishing the print around to
> wash  the dichromate out before leaving it in the water to develop,
> face up, but as long as the paper is supported by the mylar as I wash
> waves of water over it, it seems to be fine.   I leave the mylar
> sheet under it; it fairly quickly settles to the bottom, but when I
> want to wash some more water across, I just bring the mylar up under
> it.  Then when it's time to take the print out, I bring it out
> supported by the mylar, as Keith suggested.  Works like a charm;
> three prints on half sheets so far, and not a crease in sight.  I'm
> still trying to get the hang of coating the stuff though; my usual
> coating mix doesn't work well at all and I have to keep adding more
> and more water to get it to coat nicely, and then I'm not pleased
> with the tonality with the added water.  But those are details, not
> obstacles.
> I've used my last sheet of sized paper, so will have to size more
> before experimenting further, but just wanted to thank Keith for his
> comments and suggestions.  Very helpful, thank you.
> Katharine