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Hi Paul

Helding water overnight will dissipate the chlorine and won't bleach the dark values. Citric aicd is the one to use, it help clearing the ferric salt and won't bleached the image.


At 08:47 16/10/2008, you wrote:
Hi everyone!

So glad to have found this list and the incredible community that thrives here...

I just started with argyrotypes this week, trying papers, exposures, etc. Today I used distilled water for the clearing step and it helped maintain my dark values whereas my ordinary tap water here in So California, seemed to bleach back the image. I understand that adding citric acid can help quite a bit in this regard. If I held water overnight in order to let the chlorine dissipate and added citric acid, would that help with what I'm experiencing? Could another acid be used, maybe acetic acid or a bit of distilled white vinegar?

Thanks all...looking forward to participating here and learning from all of you!

Chris Nze

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