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My morning brush with fame

Well, this post doesn't have much to do with alt processes, but I'll see if I can fit it in somewhere in the middle of this story.  

I just wanted to talk about the most amazing morning I just had.  James Taylor is here in NC right now, singing at various venues (for free) in support of Obama/Biden.  A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to go and hear him, where he would be performing in a nearby downtown park.  I really wanted to go, but I also knew it would be very crowded.  She said she had "VIP tickets," though, which sounded good enough to me, so off we went.

So we get there, and we were asked if we'd like to go "backstage" and meet James (we're on a first name basis now) and have our photographs taken with him.  So we go back there, where there are really only about 10 or 12 other folks (groupies), and they have a photographer set up with studio lights, backdrop- the whole thing.  And so I got to go up and shake hands with James, and he asked me my name (actually asked twice to ensure he got it right-- you know-- like he really cared), and asked me where I was from, put his arm around me, and we had our photo taken together-- just like old friends.  Apparently, they're gonna send a copy to us.  He's very tall, which I knew already, but much taller when you're standing next to him.  I might have had a brief conversation with him about alt processes, too, though I can't remember now.

Then, afterwards, because of our "VIP" status, we got to be on the front row to hear him sing, which he did for over an hour.

Is that a great morning, or what?  And he still has a beautiful voice.

I took tons of photographs, which I will ultimately make into alt process prints. :)  In fact, perhaps I will take that photograph of James and me, and turn it into a gum print, or a platinum print, or a cyanotype or . . .   

How's that for making this post seem relevant?

Oh, and I also finally have a website up, which includes alt process prints. (That's three times now-- or four -- that I've mentioned alt processes).  The website is missing tons of stuff-- but at least it's out there now.  I used VisualServer, which is a great service-- very easy to navigate and edit-- which had always been my problem-- trying to put together something that I could easily go in and manage/edit, at will, myself.  

Thanks for listening to my story about my amazing morning.