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Was Re: My morning brush with fame now Diana's Website

Oh, and I also finally have a website up, which includes alt process prints. (That's three times now-- or four -- that I've mentioned alt processes). The website is missing tons of stuff-- but at least it's out there now. I used VisualServer, which is a great service-- very easy to navigate and edit-- which had always been my problem-- trying to put together something that I could easily go in and manage/edit, at will, myself.

Great website. Isn't Visual Server a charm to use? Except for the text editor. Slow and glitchy. I am SO glad you have a website I can point people to now.

I love the chair image and the swinging people/handcolored image in the Midway series, and the blurry, darker ones on the gum (the woman with a lot of red tones). That chair image is stellar!

I like the fact that your style seems consistent throughout your bodies of work, though the subject matter changes. You have an "identity" it seems.

I hope you add an artist statement at the beginning of each gallery to inform us more of your ideas, process used, all kinds of stuff because I would love to know how you organized your bodies of work and your thoughts and intentions. Mary Virginia Swanson was the one who told me to precede each portfolio with an artist statement. Like, what attracts you to take an image in the first place, what are you drawn to? What type pinhole camera do you use? Good to have the viewer wanting more, not less, tho.

Your work seems darkly romantic...I get a similar feeling from Sara Moon and Sheila Metzner, tho there is a decadence in their work I don't see in yours.