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Re: My morning brush with fame

Oh, thanks, Loris. That's so nice to hear. VisualServer does offer
a great service, especially for people like me who just don't have
the know-how to put together a coherent website. It's so easy to use
and to edit. And thank you about the gumovers, too. Everything I
ever learned about gumovers, I learned from Kerik. :)


On Oct 21, 2008, at 4:56 PM, Loris Medici wrote:

Congratulations for your site, very neat, elegant and simple design ->
something I always look for... And your gumovers rock!


21 Ekim 2008, Salı, 10:34 pm tarihinde, Diana Bloomfield yazmış:

Oh, and I also finally have a website up, which includes alt process
prints. (That's three times now-- or four -- that I've mentioned alt
processes).  The website is missing tons of stuff-- but at least it's
out there now.  I used VisualServer, which is a great service-- very
easy to navigate and edit-- which had always been my problem-- trying
to put together something that I could easily go in and manage/edit,
at will, myself.

Thanks for listening to my story about my amazing morning.