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RE: Weston Diploma Parchment

I am interested in learning how the new paper performs. It's fragility is a pain, but I like the tonality and price. I am thinking about trying fiberglass window screen material as a backing when handling sheets larger than 11x14.

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Hi all,

A while ago I posted on my thoughts regarding Weston Diploma  
Parchment and received some feedback from the list. I have run a few  
trial prints with interesting results and will inform the list  
separately of that trial. Around the same time as I posted to the  
list I had been in touch with someone at ButlerDearden, regarding  
stocks of the paper in case I chose to go with it for an upcoming  
exhibition. I was told none more existed.

This morning I received an email from John M. Zokowski of Butler- 
Dearden Paper who informed me that "when we
traded emails back in September, we were on the cusp of a trial paper  
run, which
ultimately proved to be the last trial required to determine that we  
had in fact reincarnated
the Weston paper.  The new name is Weston Diploma Parchment Plat-Pal."

A PDF dedicated to the "new" paper can be found here:

I'll post to the list later, after work, with my findings and some  
pics from my trial of the 'old' Weston Diploma Parchment, which I  
sourced, by the way, from Bostick + Sullivan. Melody from Bpstick +  
Sullivan told me, in an email dated 7 October 2008, "The Weston paper  
is still being made, however in a different factory. It no longer  
works for alt process printing. The nature of the paper changed when  
they moved the manufacturing to the new plant. They are using the  
same raw materials, but it does not respond the same to the chemicals."

Jon Reid
Sydney, Australia