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Re: workspace

I uploaded four pix of my workspace, but even though it looks pretty clean and organized, it is SO organized I lost my step wedges! Still can't find them.


Also, kitchen is used to size only when famdam is gone. Bathroom is used continually and my kids know that if they take a shower in there, they are likely to get magenta feet. Loris, you can see how I make multiple prints at once.

I have to tell a funny--I showed a Powerpoint of my Research and Creativity to the Provost at our university (he's the man that decides budgetary issues among many other things). I showed the image of my bathroom development that is on my website. My department head thought it was hilarious, because the Provost is a chemist and seeing a bathroom used in this manner would be anaethema, and therefore a good image to convince someone of our need for more funds, which, of course, was not my intention at all. I just have to work at home because I can't get distracted by 100 questions from students while working.

And our Provost totally understood gum printing when I explained the process and said he'd be glad to help with research into the chemistry of gum. I have an ally!

Keith, your workspace makes me totally LAUGH. I am pretty blessed to have met you in person (had lunch in Chicago with him and Mark Nelson one day) and your energy fits your space. And Judy, I have SEEN your workspace...I remember going to your house and there was a woman there who was using your darkroom to do her work. I thought that was incredibly generous of you, as I would never let anyone use my dimroom space. But if I remember correctly, you have an upstairs studio (huge) and the entire basement for your darkroom so you have HUGE space for all your stuff. Mine is just a bedroom. And I learned the hard way that carpeting is not good for a dimroom, as I have a nice cyanotype stain on my brand new carpeting.


Christina Z. Anderson
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"I bet  he knows where everything is"

uh ,no.  Actually, I found a long-lost can of rubber cement by looking
at that photo.  And there's that Dulling Spray I was looking for...

On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 9:09 PM, Judy Seigel <jseigel@panix.com> wrote:

Keith's space looks like home, except I thought when I looked at it, "I bet
he knows where everything is" -- more than I can say for myself. (Still
looking for the 3 pairs of scissors I *carefully* put... someplace.) Plus
picture an unmade bed in the background: I sleep on a foam mattress on a
flat file in the studio: so I can roll out of bed to "fix" (or destroy)
whatever whenever.

However, I've probably mentioned that I'm fanatically careful about not
letting am di flakes get loose and/or into the air... (It's worked for
20-plus years, and who knows? maybe a few more.)


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