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Re: Gum Calibration 2 (How to read color samples?)

25 Ekim 2008, Cumartesi, 3:08 am tarihinde, Katharine Thayer yazmış:
>> ...
>> Does it sound good to you?
> Since I was recommending a three-dimensional approach, and that
> appears to be what you're doing (aiming for neutral in the three
> layers together) it sounds good to me.  I'll be interested to hear
> how this works for you.
> Katharine

Good to know. Will share results (and hopefully the intermediate levels

The gum solution is ready, will mix the stock paint/gum solutions
tomorrow. I just love those hand blenders -> makes mixing gum solution
very easy. Just 3-5 minutes of stirring and your gum is ready overnight
(once the micro bubbles are dissipated).

BTW, a question for all: What is your coating method? I still have some
problems with coating, I seem to not being able to coat as evenly as I
would like... (Especially with dark colors.)

I use a foam brush for spreading the coating solution (as evenly as
possible), then wait about 1-2 minutes (to let gum becoming slightly
tacky, so that it wont leave paper unless you're brushing too hard) and
even the coat with a watercolor wash brush (dragging the brush delicately
in perpendicular direction). I'm especially interested in coating with a
foam roller -> is there any video showing gum coating using a foam roller?