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Re: message to Diana from France !!

Hi Judy,
I had the same problem with bouncing messages tot the list (and to Gord et al) a few weeks ago.
The reason was that my provider was misused for a lot of spam- messages and as a result the provider in the US & Canada just closed the door for this provider.
My provider took appropriate action and things worked again. (so far , so good ... )

On 25 okt 2008, at 6:34, Judy Seigel wrote:

Hello to list... I remember Jean Daubas... maybe you do, too -- a longtime list (and Post-Factory) reader... For some reason his e- mails to list are being returned, he has no idea why... except the rueful speculation that (a) the listserv thinks his address is Spam, or (b) maybe Canada is waging war on France (or vice versa, say I) -- In any event he's asked me to forward a couple of messages for him... But my files are in such a mess (listen, I lost some REALLY urgent papers in the mess around here -- just wait, guys, til the paperwork rises to eyebrow level in YOUR house !). Anyway, here's one to Diana, and a couple of others will follow. If anyone has some ideas to help Jean, please share !!! J.

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Hi Diana,

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work on your new web-site ! Very elegantly designed, very coherent with your photographic style ! I was happy to add it to one of my "special" sub-folders in my bookmarks : I have a huge "Photography " folder divided in about40 or 50 sub-folders (themselves divided in...) and one of them is named " Top quality sites" and there are not so many bookmarks in it... And amongst these rare best, I must recognize that there are in fact several members of our list ! I think I'll rename it " sites for my pleasure"...

Thanks also for kicking my natural lack of energy for putting up my own site : 3 or 4 years since i reserved my domain name and that I have not constructed not even the beginning of a page... I so much foresee the site in my head and never stop mentally "improving" it (being a perfectionnist is such a burden in life!). Now, looking at your exemple, I feel that i must start working seriously on my site : it's possible to realise a nice site.. i surely will have a look at Visual Server since it seems to be the tool which allowed you to go beyond your natural resistance to technical designing of your site.

Thanks again ! As an old time pinholist,I really appreciate your cyano on PT-Pd prints... beautiful atmosphere. Cheers from France Jean ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

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There was a lot more gobbldegook after this... but this gives the flavor.. Judy