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my pigment dilutions

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  • From: "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net>
  • Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 11:08:20 -0600
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Dear All,
At this URL I posted a visual of my pigment dilutions:


CAVEAT: I am NOT telling anyone how to do their coatings, and the image may be totally meaningless to you, but it is what I do. Private practice one might say!

The amounts look really odd, but to explain them, I have all my stock pigments mixed in 60ml nalgene bottles, one 15ml tube to a TOTAL volume of 60 ml. At time of use I dilute that stock different amounts depending on the effect I want. Loris prompted me to be more exact at what I actually do, so I went in the dimroom and did all my measuring and calculating and found that I usually mix my stock mix of yellow 1+1 gum at time of use, my stock mix of magenta and thalo pretty equal at 1+5 at time of use, or else a straight yellow stock solution, combined with magenta stock + plain gum at 1+2 and thalo stock + plain gum at 1+2. But at the bottom of the picture of my test strips I figured out the actual amount of tube pigment in the final amount of gum so it looks more understandable. At the top I have a mixture of drops of my stock mixes showing a neutral grey that they make.

So thanks, Loris, for keeping on asking these questions so I could finally be less "kitchen cooking" and more exacting about it. See, a lot of times I use a scant tsp of this and an overflowing tsp of that when I am making my coating solutions.

Speaking of Visual Server, this is why I love the site, too, because I can easily plop these images in whenever I get the urge.

Christina Z. Anderson