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Re: CORRECTION: Re: my pigment dilutions

26 Ekim 2008, Pazar, 2:59 am tarihinde, Christina Z. Anderson yazmış:
> http://christinaanderson.visualserver.com/Text_page.cfm?pID=2076
> I went back and redid my math and I was a tad off, and then decided to
> make
> the math easier to understand, plus uploaded another 3 colors.  So now it
> says the amount of TOTAL volume that the tube of 15ml pigment is in.
> To put my money where my mouth is, I then went ahead and mixed up those
> stock mixes (the stronger one--the weaker ones on the left are essentially
> cut in half) to make sure I was accurate and I am.  So there you have it.
> But of course, NOTHING is simple in my household--I ran out of gum so had
> to mix up another batch, ran out of pigment and had to get some more,
> blah blah blah so it was a sacrificial day to the gum universe. Just to
> do these two STINKIN' visuals.

You have my full appreciation / blessing for doing it Christina. Thank you
very much! It's definitely helpful.