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Re: CORRECTION: Re: my pigment dilutions

By the way, my bathroom is very similar to yours most of the time. I get lots of flak for it too! Are you at all concerned about chrome contamination? My wife is. She seems to think that we'll all die horribly if I persist.
David H

Hi David,
No because 99% of the dichromate leaches out in the first tray bath and not the bathtub. BUT if I remember correctly, Dick Sullivan once gave a figure for like up to 2 POUNDS of dichromate disposal per day was OK in Calif or some such figure that I am not quoting exactly which made me realize that my easily less than 1 tsp a day amount if I were to print continually (and much of that amount gets converted by sun into the print) was of minimal concern. WOW was that a ridiculously long sentence.

Things could certainly be tighter than that nowadays and in different locations so I always tell people to check their disposal regulations, but that first tray bath collects the majority and then that can be evaporated by sitting out in MT 20% humidity and reduced to a very small amount.