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Re: Tricolor nr 3

I was planing to do monochrome by tricolor (if my color calibrations go
well and can get a good color balance) hoping it will give me a monochrome
gray in macro scale but something else (!? not sure, just a wish) in micro

I had that idea while reading about blacks in handprint.com. It says (in
my understanding) that watercolor blacks are not much shiny compared to
other colors, because the pigment used in black paints is carbon
(different forms depending on production), which is not much shiny
compared to other pigments, therefore it may be better to mix black from
complementary colors, in order to have equivalent / comparable sheen /
luster in the painting... Maybe I'm getting it wrong (in detail) but I'm
sure that it said the qualities are different between using carbon as
black and mixing black from complementaries and/or triads...

Reading your description, I'm more willing to try it later.


28 Ekim 2008, Salı, 4:04 pm tarihinde, Diana Bloomfield yazmış:
> ...
> I saw some monochrome gums in a gallery recently, made by Sookang
> Kim.  Although the prints appeared as a monochromatic gray, they were
> done in multiple layers.  I'm not sure, but I'm *guessing* each layer
> had a slightly different hue to it, though that certainly wasn't
> obvious in the final print--  so not sure about that-- but just
> exquisite work.  I was amazed anybody could achieve such a quality
> with gum.
> ...