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Re: Art Boards Gesso + pumice + acorns(!)

Hi Keith,

I will look for pumice powder this weekend, in order to try it with
ordinary gesso... Have you used pumice powder with other brands of acrylic
gesso before? I'm asking this to understand if this is a combined effect
(ArtBoard gesso + pumice powder) or just the result of using pumice

BTW, see my latest print here:
Partial calibration; single curve for all colors (devised for magenta),
stock yellow and magenta solutions, eyeballing cyan from tube...
The horizontal bands are the effect of paper negative. (Unfortunately some
sheets show that pattern.) Print size 7x10".

There's considerably more staining than I'd like to have, but still works
for me...

30 Ekim 2008, Perşembe, 1:48 am tarihinde, Keith Gerling yazmış:
> I started adding things to this gesso today in an effort to give it
> some tooth.  Equal parts gesso and ground pumice, thinned with water,
> gave me a plaster-like surface that was very absorbent.  This is a
> tri-color gum on an aluminum panel:
> http://www.gumphoto.com/gessotest3.jpg  Pretty bad.  Murky and lacking
> in contrast.  (The surface isn't quite as grainy as it appears here)
> The pigments did not stain, which kind of surprised me after watching
> how the surface absorbed the emulsion.  I'm going to try it again
> tomorrow on a similar surface sized with hardened gelatin.
> Loris, you are off the hook with regards to sticking me with this
> gesso.  The results aren't great, but I think I might be able to
> salvage something out of it.
> Keith