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Re: Mortensen

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It is absolutely impossible to judge Mortensen, his admirers, followers and critics, from today's vantage point. I wrote a longish (but brilliant, of course !) article about that in P-F #3. When I have a moment, I'll re-read it & perhaps post some relevant info. But a quick scan picks up this=====================:
got traction -- the reason, as I believe I made reasonably clear, being
that what was once grotesque kitsch had by aging become charming "period
    And that's what it is, but its facinating kitch.

art" in the same way, incidentally, that the bathtubs with legs and the Tiffany lamps that were once consigned to the dump, became valuable "antiques."
The newest and latest, gotta have it >>> obsolete, sell it cheap >>> JUNK! BURN IT! >>> rare old antique, gotta have it.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA