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Re: ferric oxalate

I have a piece of paper taped up in my work area and I believe
it says:

	13 gm Ferric Oxalate
	50 ml Distilled Water

I use the Na2 Palladium method. So a pure Ferric Oxalate sensitizer.

The trick is in dissolving that stuff!  I heat the water up in a
microwave probably around 150 deg F (short of boiling) and pour into
the mixing bottle.  I keep a pyrex cup with boiling water to reheat
that bottle... And shake it for up to two hours.

Arentz relates you should stick the bottle in your back pocket and put
on Chubby Checkers or something...

This got to be so annoying I bought a magnetic stirrer just to make
this solution and it is fail safe to get this solution done.

I put the powder and heated water in a bottle, with the magnetic
stirrer.  I put that in a beaker of hot water and the whole thing goes
on the magnetic stirrer.  And hit the on switch...