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OT - Inkjet negs, change of media.

Hi all...

I'm not a digi-neg guy, but am very interested for the future.

So FYI...

Last night, I tried printing a neg from Photoshop onto a fixed out piece of APHS ortho film, just for the heck of it. It didn't really take to the film, I could see an image alright, but the ink was pooled though almost dry. Just for grins, I put the neg into a tray of warm water overnight, and this morning all that was left was a faint green image of the neg.

This was dye, not pigment, ink...but I guess that green dye is pretty tenacious.


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Hi John,

That's a pretty big change, going from an *official* transparency film to a parchment. There's a chance only your exposure time will change but I'd place bets that you'll have to change print settings and/or curves to accommodate the ink absorption of the parchment.

Let us know what happens!



On Nov 11, 2008, at 12:53 PM, John Brewer wrote:

I usually use OHP film but want to try a transclucent parchment paper for
larger images. I assumed that as the paper negative material is an even
density it probably just needs more exposure with OHP curve.