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Re: new gums

Thanks for all the positive feedback, y'all. I am really liking this
project myself, but until you put the work out there you never know if you
are living in some lalaland vacuum. My family is seriously odd, so
hopefully that comes across. We had skunks and monkeys and really fat
dachshunds as pets that were so fat their tummies dragged along the
ground....etc. etc. And like, why would my dad take a pic of my mom's butt
while gardening?

But heck, try as I might to enter certain competitions e.g. Critical Mass,
they never like my stuff. Oh well. I keep two folders on my computer, a
shows "yes" and a shows "no". When I get a reject it disappears into the
shows no file, out of sight out of mind.

Henry, Pictorico negs, tricolor separations done at the negatiave stage.
BUT the intensity of color comes with scraping off an entire layer of color
at the development stage, in other words, my dad's really blond hair is
because I scraped off both the blue and magenta; the leaves are really green
because I scraped off the magenta. And so on and so forth. If I had not
scraped off parts of the colors the entire print would be much less intense,
such as the Skier image you see on the website. Or one of the Snake images
that is basically a straight image.

Keith, if you knew me well you would realize I am far from perfection in
person and even moreso in practice :) and my prints have LOTS of dots and

Laura, I can actually say that I like the prints better in person. I don't
think I have yet taken a pic of a gum that I prefer to the actual gum
itself...the gloss and texture never come through on a computer.

David, you pegged it totally correctly--somewhere between nostalgic and a
comic book. When I scrape a layer off it becomes flat and comic-like. I
really like this and have been having SO much fun at the development stage
it is giving me a new lease on life.

Thanks again ALL of you for taking the time to look.

Christina Z. Anderson
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Hi Christina - Wow, I think that's almost more tricolour gums than I've
in my entire life! I think they are great!

The inevitable questions -
Are these from paper negatives? - and, when the colours are separated
as the two figures working in a field) is that done at the negative stage
the coating stage?

I love the intense colours - beginning to think that my coating is much



On 12/11/08 17:20, "Christina Z. Anderson" <zphoto@montana.net> wrote:

(Sounds like I had mouth surgery)

Dear All,
I have added a few new Family of Origin images to my website if you want
take a look.  Campy, kitschy, messy, moldy, melty, scrapey, brush
Very imperfect. But it's my new wavelength for some unknown reason.
a familial catharsis.



Christina Z. Anderson


Christina Z. Anderson

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