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Thanks, Judy,
The print sizes are...depending how you calculate with borders included or not...probably about 11x17, 12x18 inches.

I was in a bookstore yesterday and bought the silliest book, speaking of nostalgia. It is called Retro Crafts (the book is in the car and I am in a hotel room in Casper WY and too lazy to go get it) and it is hilarious! Speaking of nostalgia that is. It has all those crafts in it we used to make and think were so cool, like glittered 7-up bottles and decoupaged such and such and how to do them. Like what you made while at camp, or newly married when you didn't have any money to decorate your house.

The reason I mention it, is that the use of nostalgia is sometimes critiqued in contemporary photography but frankly retro and nostalgia are elements I just looovvvee. And apparently mainstream must love it, too, for this book to be on the market now. That's what I loved about Hans and Chia's gum prints on their website, coupled with their technique.

OH, I just got the title off Amazon:

Judy said:
Chris, I hope it's OK to say I thought they were fabulous... very surreal, and IMO your best work ever. They balance perfectly on the point between nostalgia and oh, I don't know, Matisse?, dreamy abstraction? Whatever, they work. Congratulations. (Did you say what the print sizes are?)




Christina Z. Anderson

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