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RE: buying previously used pt/pd chemistry

The solutions themselves can last quite well. However, not everyone uses chemicals in the same way. So, several things to ask the seller. Where did they come from? Did they buy them as a powder or liquid? Did they routinely heat them? If so, how? Over heating PT solutions can cause some problems.


If you and the seller use them as delivered and they work a lot like you do, you’ll be in good standing to judge for yourself. I have had a problem with this in the past, but you never know. I did have one bottle of PD during a workshop turned into a PD/Ferric solution by a slightly confused student.


Look for sediment in the bottles. Are you in the same town or is this a buy sight un seen?




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I've done this and it's always been just fine. The Pt/Pd/Na2 seem to be fairly bulletproof. It's not storage that is an issue, but rather contamination.

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Subject: buying previously used pt/pd chemistry
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Hi all...


I know someone who is getting out of pt/pd printing and selling a few solutions (pt, pd, na2) at good prices...any danger in buying them besides the uusual caveats about how they were stored?