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RE: alt-photo anniversary in 2009

I'm a young pup regards the list, I joined late 2004 and lurked for a while.

Maybe we could set up a flickr type gallery. Maybe willing list members
could put up one image and a short bio. It would be good to see what work
list members are creating and would be good promotion for alt photography. I
would be happy to administer it.


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That's really neat - thanks Greg.
I think I joined in 1995 or 1996 - I do remember that unsw email address 
(University of New South Wales - which is in Sydney, Australia).
How can we celebrate?


Greg Schmitz wrote:
> In 2009 the alt-photo list will be 15 years old.
> From the nostalgia department (after all I think we all have one):
> How old am I?  How long has it been.  How shall we celebrate?
> Here's the announcement that brought me to alt-photo:
>                            Conservation DistList
>                            Instance: 7:65
>                            Monday, March 14, 1994
>                            Today's Subjects
>                            ------- --------
>                            Banana Leaf Manuscripts
>                            Vendor problems
>                            Microfilming workshops
>                            New list
>                            Position at University of Texas
>                            Position at Carolina State University
>                            Today's Queries
>                            ------- -------
>                            Silver cleaning reference
>                            Coatings for exhibit cases
>                            Grant for treatment of blueprints
>     Today's Messages:
> ,,,,,,,
> Date: 14 Mar 1994
> From: Walter Henry <whenry@lindy.stanford.edu>
> Subject: New list
>        alt-photo-process is a mailing list for the discussion of
>        alternative photographic processes.  Alternative photographic
>        processes traditionally have been those that do not use the main
>        stream silver gelatin process, ie the printing paper that you
>        buy at the photo shop. Gum Bichromate, Platinum, Carbon Dye
>        Transfer, Cyanotype, Photogravure, Kallitype, Vandyke Brown,
>        Color Xerox, are some processes that are currently thought of as
>        alternative processes.
>        The group should be free to talk on any unconventional
>        photographic process or modification to the standard silver
>        gelatin process.  Photographers that embark on alternative
>        processes usually have a "Do It Yourself" attitude.  This
>        discussion group caters to that interest.
>        If you wish to join this mailing list, send the message
>            SUB ALT-PHOTO-PROCESS Your Name
>        where "Your Name" is your preferred name, to the list processor
>        at listproc@vast.unsw.edu.au, and it will subscribe you and send
>        you further information on the group (like how to post messages
>        and use the listproc).