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Re: separations for gum printing

Unlikely, Mark, on either point: overexposure (since my exposures for these were well established by step tablet, as explained in a separate thread and on my website page covering exposure for gum, and besides, by any objective criteria a 2-minute exposure with a photoflood bulb is unlikely on the face of it to be overexposed) or too dense a negative (since my negatives are so thin I have to put something white behind them to tell even what the image is, and the color I use for the negatives, determined using Michael Koch- Schulte's RNP Arrays, seems to work very well). I showed one of these negatives a couple weeks ago for someone who was interested in what film I use for my negatives; it might be useful to show it here.


I suspect the shape of the curve has more to do with the nature of the gum mixes and and of the way I like to print than of anything else; if you can find something to criticize in my actual gum prints, then we can talk about it, but just criticizing the curves in the absence of the prints seems, well.... sort of beside the point, if I might say so.