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Re: giclee, silver gelatin/gelatin silver was 3 questions

An iris printer is originally a printer for prepress proofing. They can print up to A0 sizes. It is a special kind of inkjet printer where the paper goes on a drum inside the printer. Graham Nash was the first to use it for fine art photo printing and reproductions. These prints are somtimes referred to as 'iris prints' and indeed sometimes also called 'giclee'.

Here's some information and a picture of an iris printer: http://www.answers.com/topic/iris-printer


On 21 nov 2008, at 08:21, DimitriColleen Deneux wrote:

Imagine my surprise the first time I used the word 'giclee' in France and no one understood...but there were definitely a few giggles. It is absolutely not used here in photographic terms ; )
One thing I have seen every time at Paris Photo from American galleries showing here is Iris prints. Is that giclee? Or is that just the name of the printer?