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Re: Captain's Wheel Installed on Takach Press

So, did you get the press for photogravure work? Have you worked with this process before?

I'm always very curious when someone makes a big investment in time, money and space like that...


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Brian, you're awesome!

Post some photos of the press in its new home when you're all set up!


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Apologies - came up with solution.

On the off chance this is indexed by Google...

The Etching Press Model 2648 from Takach Press arrived with the
Captain's Wheel uninstalled.

The shaft on which it was to slide had a washer and allen screw which
was easily removed.

There was a pin in the shaft that looked like it should be removed, the
hub of the Captain's Wheel slid on, and the pin reinserted.

The documentation that arrived with the press was pretty slim and had
no information on what to do.

My son confirmed that the pin was thicker on one side which suggested
it was simply a pressure fit.

I hit the pin several times with a hard plastic mallet... I stopped
because I was afraid of damaging the bearings in which the shaft was
inserted. I tried grabbing the pin with pliers - but managed to simply
score the pin.

I took a break and chilled considered the situation.  Went back, and
grabbed a small deep socket (3/8" or a it bigger - didn't pay much
attention - found one that fit) and slipped it over the thick end of
the pin. I took a large C clamp and placed one end on the narrow part
of the pin, and one on the socket and tightened it down. The pin at
some point fairly popped loose.

Slipped the Captain's Wheel on - finding the larger hole in the hub (it
was also tapered) and aligned with large hole in the shaft.

I used the C clamp to compress the tapered pin through the hub of the
Captain's Wheel and the shaft on the press.


I was so pleased with myself I went inside, powered down my 15" Macbook
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These two things are unrelated - just sharing:-)

Happy Thanksgiving!