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Re: Captain's Wheel Installed on Takach Press

> So, did you get the press for photogravure work? Have you worked with this 
> process before?

I got this press for photopolymer gravure. 

I used a similar press in a workshop at Kala Institute in Berkeley, CA.
Have been playing with the polymer plates for a while (sort of Zen-like
when you don't actually have a press).

The results were pleasing. Some work I've seen of others looks good.
I primarily am interested in the ability to explore tones and colors
that might be somewhat challenging to do with other processes.

> I'm always very curious when someone makes a big investment in time, money 
> and space like that...

Don't ever rule out stupidity:-) 

I have one limitation in my life - time. I do photography as the
second part of my life (my day job pays for my photography time).
I basically wanted a press that others had used successfully for
not only polymer photogravure but if I decided to pursue it - copper plate.

There were cheaper presses - 1/4 the price from places like

   http://www.dickblick.com/zz450/28/   22" wide


   http://www.dickblick.com/zz450/17b/  18" wide

When I asked about I got a hit from a practioner on the Takach Press
I bought. I ended up with the floor model based on that person's
comments (on roller size) that were confirmed by Takach contact
(larger roller better if I decided to go to copper plate gravure).

My worst case scenario would be to but the Dick Blick press, spend
several week's time (and lots of money) on polymer plates and stumble
into a "you won't get much more detail/quality with that particular

I just went with something that was similar to what I was taught
on and fit some accomplished people's recommendation.

Now if everything sucks I know exactly where the fault lies:-)

My goal is to pull an image by Sunday. (I use Mark Nelson's PDN
system to create digital negs - so I mean pull a print after calibration).
I probably will throw an image on the calibration plate for grins.