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Re: pt/pd question on size of prints

> Do you print, say, a 5x7 on 11x14 paper, and then mount that for a finished 
> print, or do you print on a smaller sheet and then mount that smaller sheet 
> for presentation in some way.

Three responses.

I have printed and trimmed the image to the image itself and surface
mounted on mat board with hot mounting tissue. This I did most recently.
Then I *really* don't worry about the mess outside image borders...
This is clean and neat. Then you can overmat to the image - or allow
some space around the image with a more generous window size. There
are many who consider dry mounting non-archival. When I start
making images that I think someone will care about in 1,000 years
I will likely stop dry mounting entirely:-)

I have masked the image during exposure - and created a clean white
margin. This is nice to corner mount the image in a window mat.

That said, if you're matting to show only the image area then you can
argue who cares what is beyond the image? If it is sloppy or not?
(unfortunately I care - there are artistic edges and sloppy edges.
That said, when in a hurry for a work print I'll shoot past image
area when rod coating and hide the mess behind a mat).

Finally, if you will be showing the "edges" of the brush work,
then go with larger sheet to allow to exceed the "image" size
and mat with a generous window to show the brushwork. I do this
very infrequently - I only really have one image I like to
do this way right now. And - my "artistic" brush work is not so

> I've noticed that Jan Pietrzak, at his last Freestyle Photo show, printed 
> 4x5 trimmed, and mounted that on another sheet of larger paper (tipped in) 
> and then framed. I'm just wondering how many do something like that as 
> opposed to contact printing the image on a larger sheet to begin with.
> I hope I'm being clear about this...thanks, all and hope y'all had a good 
> turkey day!
> Paul