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Re: pt/pd question on size of prints

Hey Paul,

I usually print a 4x5 on something like an 11x14 sheet of paper, and then over mat, with a window slightly larger than the 4x5 image. I usually print an 8x10 on a 16x20 sheet of paper and do the same thing. Sometimes I print 3 inch square images, or 2- 1/4 inch square on an 11x14 sheet of paper, too. Lately, I've seen some prints that are small (not necessarily alt processes-- but small little paintings or other prints) that are on slightly larger sheets of paper than the print itself, and then the edges of the paper are torn or have a deckled edge-- and then that's mounted to something else- with no over mat. I like that look a lot. I've never dry-mounted my alt process prints, though. I always wondered about how smart that is. Anybody know how archival (or not) that might be?

Anyway, we're at the beach and had a huge paella for Thanksgiving. It was great. No turkey for us. :)


On Nov 28, 2008, at 11:25 AM, Paul Viapiano wrote:

Hi all...

Just sitting here wondering what each of you do for size of print/ paper when making prints.

Do you print, say, a 5x7 on 11x14 paper, and then mount that for a finished print, or do you print on a smaller sheet and then mount that smaller sheet for presentation in some way.

I've noticed that Jan Pietrzak, at his last Freestyle Photo show, printed 4x5 trimmed, and mounted that on another sheet of larger paper (tipped in) and then framed. I'm just wondering how many do something like that as opposed to contact printing the image on a larger sheet to begin with.

I hope I'm being clear about this...thanks, all and hope y'all had a good turkey day!