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Re: gum arabic

Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
What company, and what prices?
L. Cornelissen & Son (www.cornelissen.com)
Prices in GBP for 100g; 250g; 500g; 1kg:

Gum Arabic (Kordofan) No. 1 — — 4.25 6.70 11.10 19.95 — —
Gum Arabic (Nigerian) No. 3 — — 4.10 6.45 10.30 18.35 — —

I have used already mixed gum from Bostick and Sullivan, and it's fine, but too expensive to ship the liquid stuff. I've also tried a powdered gum that was given to me and I have no idea the origin of, and it was fine too. So I'm not really being picky! I believe the stuff from Cornelissen is "lumps". I'm assuming it should be a high quality grade, since this is intended for fine art pigments.


Kordofan was historically thought to be the best, though many said the gum didn't make a dif where it came from (Africa, Sudan, Sengal, East India, Alexandria). Kuehn preferred Kordofan, and then Ghenziri, and said Senegal gum did not print well, lifting off more readily and leaving a residue.

Since I have never had much choice in location of gum I never gave it much thought, actually, but I much prefer the gum Daniel Smith sells that is very light in color. But I do wonder how much difference gum makes from the different places....

Christina Z. Anderson
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The company I order my art paper from has gum arabic in 2 varieties: Gum Arabic (Kordofan) No. 1 and Gum Arabic (Nigerian) No. 3. Any idea what the difference is? Would either be fine for gum bichromate?

The woman I talked to told me these were for mixing with pigments, and the Kordofan was favored for watercolor pigments. Thanks!

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