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Re: conservation of albumen

Hi Loris,
So, there's no other information about denaturation and long term storage
of albumen solution (as I can see/find) in the monograph.
For sure, when albumen paper was made they were whipping eggs all the day, and the process was like an assembly chain.

Why not mixing in batches, just enough to coat the needed amount of
sheets? (Like say... 40 11x16" - quarter size - sheets at a time.)
Albumenized papers can be stored for much longer than a year...
For home-making, the week or more needed to ... the albumen is whay I would prefer to avoid, but I can't because fermentation is needed to destroy glucose. This last is the responsible of the long-term yellowing of albumen prints (Maillard reaction).


18 Ocak 2009, Pazar, 10:34 pm tarihinde, Alberto Novo yazmış:
What do you suggest for the long-term conservation of albumen solution
at least one year)?
Adding a preservative (thymol, sodium azide, ...)? Simple storage in a
sealed jar? Sealed and refrigerated at 4°C? Freezing?