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Re: conservation of albumen

I see, wouldn't addition of acetic acid facilitate / accelerate the
fermentation / denaturation process? (See the info on the page...)

Anyway, I would coat in batches (batch size determined loosely according
to my printing volume and laziness level - hehehe), still ripening the
solution for a week before coating the papers. As I said before
albumenized paper should keep well; virtually indefinitely. (That's when
compared to the life of albumen solution of course!)

I always thought that yellowing is the function of sensitizing /
incomplete fixing and non ideal storage conditions... You say that non
sensitized paper also will yellow with time?


19 Ocak 2009, Pazartesi, 11:04 am tarihinde, Alberto Novo yazmış:
> ...
> For home-making, the week or more needed to ... the albumen is whay I
> would
> prefer to avoid, but I can't because fermentation is needed to destroy
> glucose. This last is the responsible of the long-term yellowing of
> albumen
> prints (Maillard reaction).