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Re: Mottling in lighter tones in cyanotype?

> Try another paper / another batch of the same paper... (COT 320 is
> wonderful for instance.)

I'm going to kill myself:-)

I switch to Platine because Crane's and COT 320 were staining in

> Optional: Also switch to New Cyanotype (it's much better in highlights
> delicacy, but it's even more finicky with paper...)

I've mused on this... I thnk I'm stubborn:-(

> 10 minutes of air drying (at max.) is enough if you force dry the paper
> later; you need the sensitizer in paper, you can start to blow hot air as
> soon as the surface shine is gone...

Would speeding up the drying change it - I would think air drying
would allow emulsion to absorb more.

I'm just trying to puzzle why this might affect my mottling (I'm with
you on emulsion coming off surface?)

> Why are you diluting the sensitizer BTW?

Sorry, forgot to mention this.

A few weeks back I compared 1:1 and 1:1:2 dilutions after seeing
a posting by Cristina Anderson. I saw more runoff/bleeding with 
the 1:1?

My problem with Crane's platinotype (which I still have) and then
Crane's Weston Diploma was staining in highlights and galloping
runoff - compared to where I am now with Arches Platine.

I think I've gotten closer to good prints - but now mottling...

Let me think.