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RE: Mottling in lighter tones in cyanotype?

Cor, with cyanotype the correct exposure time is very sensitive to the
moisture level (both paper and working area) and the print-out is not easy
to interpret (especially for delicate highlights). So I opted to use bone
dry paper, ruling out the moisture parameter from the equation. Now, my
success rate is 2x higher than using non bone-dry paper.


22 Ocak 2009, Perşembe, 10:48 am tarihinde, C.Breukel@lumc.nl yazmış:
> ...
> I think your drying might be the problem: Cyanotype is a printing out
> process, I assume it needs some moisture in the paper it self. I never
> use a hair dryer and I let it dry at the air for 10 minutes or so: I
> start printing when the paper feels dry on the emulsion side. And I do
> not dilute..
> Good luck,
> Cor