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Re: Custom color-separations in Photoshop?

Spot color separations?

No, on re-reading, I think you're talking about something more sophisticated. In a fairly recent thread, someone pointed to software (not Photoshop) that provides separations for two of the secondaries, I think, in addition to the primaries, but I didn't see anything that generates separations for all three. But that thread might be a good one to revisit.

Ah, I found it. The thread subject is "Gum Color Gamut & Beyond CMYK" starting September 22, 2008. On re-reading, I'm not sure it contains much useful information beyond the name of the application (Pantone Hexachrome) that makes the five-color separations. But you might read through to see for yourself.


On Jan 24, 2009, at 9:49 AM, Keith Gerling wrote:

I was wondering if there was any method in Photoshop, or with a
Photoshop plugin where one could perform custom color separations.
The RGB and CMYK channels are universal ways of splitting a full color
image into 3 or four standard colors.  Wouldn't it be possible to
split an image into components of Purple, Orange and Green, for
instance?  It would be like turning the color wheel a notch.
Conceivably, if all the color information can be conveyed in CMYK, it
ought to be  accurately conveyed with other color channels as well.
Or am I missing something?

This could provide all kinds of interesting possibilities for
tri-color gum printing.