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Re: Custom color-separations in Photoshop?


The one problem with this method I have found is that you have to be careful with some of the filters, because they will clip the highlights or shadows.  You have to watch the Histogram when using them.  I still tend to use the Channel Mixer most of the time.
On Jan 25, 2009, at 12:13:02 PM, "Alberto Novo" <alt.list@albertonovo.it> wrote:

From:"Alberto Novo" <alt.list@albertonovo.it>
Subject:Re: Custom color-separations in Photoshop?
Date:January 25, 2009 12:13:02 PM CST
> CS3 has this advanced B&W filer method tthat allows application of any color filters to a B&W image. While I do not understand the math, or principles, I use it occasionally to creat a spot color (say orange) negative. I wonder if in principle it could be used to create orange/green purple negatives for example.

I have tried also the color filter, but it is not as strong as the color 
selection. Try for example with dots of different color, i.e. RGB and YMC on 
a white background.