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Re: Custom color-separations in Photoshop?


Couldn't you do this with an rgb or cmyk separation followed by going back to the original image in color and doing a color selection for a particular area like the leaves in the green forest and making another negative just for that and using a specific green watercolor?

On Jan 26, 2009, at 12:43:30 AM, "Jacek Gonsalves" <jacek@jagnight.com> wrote:


I was looking into the multiple separations a while back, I cam across 
this fellow whose tried out the 6 color Hexachrome route:
Though he had a tough time with the last 6th layer for some reason, it 
would ruin the print?
I'm unsure about spot color, though if someone knows how it works in 
Photoshop to get the accuracy of what colors you want for each 
sepaaration please chime in. I presume getting the correct selection 
of color via photoshop is the most important part? Then applying the 
appropriate color to that selection..

My original idea using separate colors was to find out where colors 
fall in the color gamut and figure out how to increase the gamut with 
extra color separations. Say to use a more saturated green separation 
to a forest photo.
If I were successful in producing a green separation would I then 
increase the color gamut of the photograph with a specific green water 
color? Is it possible to do this? I'm sure there is a way and possibly 
spot colors is the way to go...