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Re: Astronomy Pinhole Picture of the Day

VERy cool picture.
I teach this process--making BW paper POP or printing out paper--in my Experimental Photography class every fall.  Until you do it, it seems impossible.  I have them do photograms outside, laying stuff on top of the paper under glass, juicy stuff, too, because chemical reactions will produce all kinds of different colors.  It is a cinch to do.  A 4 or 5 hour exposure under direct Montana sun produces brilliant pinks, oranges, yellows, mauves, browns, you name it.  Into the fixer when done--no need to worry about taking it out of the contact frame and walking to the darkroom with full exposure sunlight because it is very slow this way since no development occurs.  Fun stuff.  BUT I have never exposed it in the camera before.
Nice to see Justin Quenell still doing pinhole, too, as I show his work in slides in that class.
Christina Z. Anderson