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Re: Albumen sensitiser question

On Sun, 1 Feb 2009, John Brewer wrote:

I made up some silver nitrate sensitiser according to James p 471, that is
15% silver nitrate plus 5% citric acid in distilled water.

I see there is now some crystals at the bottom of the bottle. They weren't
there when I made the solution up and sensitised some paper. I can't seem to
dissolve them, even with heat and vigorous shaking. What are they? Are they
anything to worry about? Can I filter or decant them out?>
For what it's worth, I mention my own experience with silver nitrate in a different formula (vandyke brown). In time, a black precipitate appeared in the bottle of solution which didn't disappear with shaking. However, when I spread the emulsion on paper, the applicator apparently mixed it back into solution.

Could that possibly happen with the crystals ?