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Re: Agfa CopyJet (or Pictorico or something else) in London?

Hi Loris

Also, somewhat cheaper than CopyJet/SelctJet and equally good:

Sihl Spirit Film 130 – Glossy 3642

Perfect Proof High Density InkJet Film 180G

The second one is tested and used on a HP9180 by my friend Michel
Debar (Hi Michel) and I am using both films and CopyJet on a 3800.
These films are interchangeble considering printing times and curves.

Both films and Copyjet (called SelectJet when sold in rolls) are easy
to find here in the Netherlands and probably also in the UK. You might
try silkscreen product suppliers in London beacause that's where they
are made for.
The 43cm x 30m rolls are the most cost effective, you can easily cut
A2 (43 cm wide) and subsequentially A3, A4 and further by cutting the
sheets in half.



On 4 feb 2009, at 12:32, Loris Medici wrote:

Hi all,

I will be at London between March 5 and 9. As my negative media
supply is
short, I want to replenish it with something which can be found in
for reasonable prices.

In my understanding Pictocio (the media I currently use) is hard to
in UK, also expensive. From what I read, a good alternative for
practicioners would be Agfa CopyJet. Is there an Agfa reseller in
London with good prices?

What would be your suggestions for equally good (compared to Pictorico
and/or Agfa CopyJet) inkjet transparency media, that can be
purchased in
London? I print my negatives using HP 9180 printer (HP Vivera
inks), which is pretty picky about transparency media, BTW.
(Couldn't find
something else than Pictorico that works reliably - But I have high
with Agfa CopyJet!) So, sharing your experience in digital negative
on HP9180 using negative medias other than Pictorico would be highly

Do you have any suggestions for alt. process related places / shows /
"must see"s in London? Also, I'd like to meet London-based
alt-photo-process-l members too, if their schedule permits...