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Re: Agfa CopyJet (or Pictorico or something else) in London?

Thank Kees,

But I'm a little bit skeptical on the question of being able to locate
resellers stocking this product in my short stay in London...


4 Şubat 2009, Çarşamba, 3:38 pm tarihinde, Kees Brandenburg yazmış:
> Hi Loris
> Also, somewhat cheaper than CopyJet/SelctJet and equally good:
> Sihl Spirit Film 130 � Glossy 3642
> http://www.sihl.com/content/Products.aspx?Nid=34&Aid=156&ID=86&ArID=1&GrpID=4&CatID=7&FamID=143
> Perfect Proof High Density InkJet Film 180G
> http://www.perfectproof.com/products/consumables/papers/production-and-silk-screen
> The second one is tested and used on a HP9180 by my friend Michel
> Debar (Hi Michel) and I am using both films and CopyJet on a 3800.
> These films are interchangeble considering printing times and curves.
> Both films and Copyjet (called SelectJet when sold in rolls) are easy
> to find here in the Netherlands and probably also in the UK. You might
> try silkscreen product suppliers in London beacause that's where they
> are made for.
> The 43cm x 30m rolls are the most cost effective, you can easily cut
> A2 (43 cm wide) and subsequentially A3, A4 and further by cutting the
> sheets in half.
> regards,
> Kees
> On 4 feb 2009, at 12:32, Loris Medici wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I will be at London between March 5 and 9. As  my negative media
>> supply is
>> short, I want to replenish it with something which can be found in
>> London,
>> for reasonable prices.
>> In my understanding Pictocio (the media I currently use) is hard to
>> find
>> in UK, also expensive. From what I read, a good alternative for
>> European
>> practicioners would be Agfa CopyJet. Is there an Agfa reseller in
>> central
>> London with good prices?
>> What would be your suggestions for equally good (compared to Pictorico
>> and/or Agfa CopyJet) inkjet transparency media, that can be
>> purchased in
>> London? I print my negatives using HP 9180 printer (HP Vivera
>> pigmented
>> inks), which is pretty picky about transparency media, BTW.
>> (Couldn't find
>> something else than Pictorico that works reliably - But I have high
>> hopes
>> with Agfa CopyJet!) So, sharing your experience in digital negative
>> making
>> on HP9180 using negative medias other than Pictorico would be highly
>> appreciated.
>> Do you have any suggestions for alt. process related places / shows /
>> "must see"s in London? Also, I'd like to meet London-based
>> alt-photo-process-l members too, if their schedule permits...
>> Regards,
>> Loris.