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Re: Mailing stuff for Judy etc.

Ah, Chris -- if I could see into the future I'd be running the world
(which, needless to say, would be a much better place):

When I originally laid out Post-Factory, I chose 9-1/4 inches wide by
11-1/4 inches high (trimmed size) because I'd been editing a women
artists' publication (which, if memory serves, had 5000 subscribers in
colleges & libraries !), and we found that folks took their issues to, for
instance, the university copy office & ran off 40 or so copies they handed
out to entire classes, distributed at fairs & panels, etc., etc., which,
besides breaking the law, was annoying, as we were very non-profit and our
price was anyway close to the bone.

So I chose a size (easily printed by offset on a web press that did 6
pages per plate) not so easily copied. Now that I'm reprinting early
issues digitally, which requires a slightly smaller size (pages made
slightly smaller by digital magic) they might fit into those flat-rate
envelopes, but that's only #1-3 (and I've sworn that when #4 runs out,
it's OVER !) and the total pile still won't go into two of them -- not
just the area but the thickness. (Then again, that was a while back --
maybe there's a larger envelope now? I'll try again, tho as I recall they
don't fit into two domestic flat-rates.)

Meanwhile, of course, when I want to copy an article on my own copy
machine (as I recently did for a friend P-F had run a couple of articles
on who had changed assistants & lost track of particulars), I have to
paste two sheets together to make a page -- a LOT more trouble than it

(Then again some folks DO see into the future, but nobody listens to

Meanwhile & however, thanks for the suggestion -- I'll try it.


On Sun, 8 Feb 2009, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

OHhhh, I haven't been following this closely as I am madly gumming it up,
but I send my two books all over the world in those flat rate envelopes--I
think they are $11.95 for all you can stuff in, Judy.  I just stuffed a PF
into one and multiples fit.  The Experimental book weigh 1 1/2 lb and fits
in there fine.

Granted, it is quite expensive and eats up my profits (in the US it is about
$5, much cheaper than overseas), but I know the book arrives safe and
quickly so the customer is happy and I've only had two snafus in the
packages taking long--one to South Africa and once an odd one to England
which both took about 3 weeks to get there!!

Even if you had to use 2 envelopes for all of them, Judy, that would only be
a total of $24 and the envelopes are free.


Christina Z. Anderson
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Hi Judy

I am glad I bought my PF series before the postage rates went up.

But even in these rapacious times USPS offers a concessional rate for
printed matter sent in "M-Bags".  The concession may be motivated by a
desire to encourage international cultural exchange, although the criteria
are fairly broad:


Posting to Denmark an M-Bag weighing not more than 11 pounds would cost you


Don Sweet

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On Wed, 4 Feb 2009, Vedos wrote:

Lieber Herr Unterberg,

as you live in Germany (?) it might be easiest for you to order your
Post-Factory Journals from Günter Ströbele, Lotus View Camera, Austria:
That's where I ordered mine...

Thanks Jalo, that would be great if they have any left. I was in the
United Parcel office yesterday & asked the price of shipping 9 issues to
Denmark -- it was $94 US. Same price at Fed Ex. (Is that collusion or
price fixing?) I'll be at the US post office tomorrow & ask the same
thing. Meanwhile, this does kind of cut out anything but e-mail (and the
post office wonders where their customers went ??!!)