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Re: color printing for dummies

On Feb 10, 2009, at 9:55 AM, phritz phantom wrote:

Then, which color to print with which separation: cyan (blue) with the red separation, magenta (red) with the green separation, and yellow with the blue separation. That's if you create the RGB>CMY separations by inverting the channels individually. If you use the "multichannel" method described in James, the separations come out named CMY and you use them straightforwardly. With CMYK it's straightforward, use the separations as named.

perfect, thanks. that was the answer i was looking for. using one straightford and the other one not, was what put my brain into a big knot. i was really starting to wonder, why no one spent even a small paragraph on it,,,,i looked and looked and didn't find anything.
thanks too to chris nze. the christopher james book is very informative. i didn't know that one before. i definitely saved a copy to my harddisk. the description of the tony gonzales workflow is very interesting.

and i already went and bought some phthaloblue and scarlet red. it was a pretty sudden decision to try a full-color gum on the week end and i just used what i had at home.

thanks a million for helping me out here

You're welcome, any time.