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Re: more FACTS (really, sort of) re the USPS

It seems, "May you live in interesting times"is a Chinese curse. It's not exactly a curse, but I'm not sure it's a favor to wish someone a "full life." Whichever, it's days since I've been on line, and I came back to ca. 80 e-mails: Mercifully, many were spam (tho one spammer got cross -- the subject line finally becoming "ANOTHER NOTICE!": It seems I've inherited 10 Million 600 Thousand British Pounds... Would I PLEASE for heaven's sake get in touch!?)

Anyway, apologies for delay. I have not (alas) been goofing off... and did get to the Post Office and learned that the pack of Post-Factory's (ca. 3 pounds 3 ounces) can go to Denmark (for instance) by something called "First Class Parcel Post" (or a similar name, as I'll find as soon as I get offline and find the paper I took such careful notes on) for about $24, while two overseas flat-rate envelopes, $12.95 each, would total $2 more. (I asked the price of the SECOND class mailing, but there is none: only First.)

The time is longer than regular airmail, tho still quicker than the old "surface mail" -- probably one to two weeks. (And might be cheaper for Chris's book mailings as well? I assume the rates from Montana are different, but the ratio the same, tho rates & times to places other than Europe, which probably has the largest volume, might be more?)