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Re: gum on wood panel

next time you make it down this way to the boonies, we'll have to dig in my stash for some cabinet grade ply, or if I know you're coming, I can ask a few friends for some offcuts.


Keith Gerling wrote:
I'm using all kinds. This one was 1/2" MDF. But even sealing with
polyurethane it swells (I'm playing around with epoxy). MDO is nice,
and is lighter than the MDF, but is the death knell to sawblades and
it is hard to find where I live (and is actually too smooth). The
rougher stuff is nice too, if prepared with a layer of spackle to
smooth out the rough surface. (and if I'm lucky, I can get an
occasional very nice craquelure effect - photos to follow) Oak and
birch I've also used. I like them all! Wood is nice and the finished
work is more sculpture-like - it occupies space and doesn't need a
frame. I'm working on hanging a 12 piece grouping. It looks nice
even when the prints are hung very close together. I'll post
pictures of it when complete.