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Re: Any experience with Pictorico PGFH White Film?

Thanks Dan. I agree this white film should be used for silver gelatin printing not for alternative processes. It is better than PGHG for silver process, according to Sandy King, probably due to its thinner film base. Later I will try this thinner white film on alternative processes but as you said, it probably will block most UV.

I have some good experiences with Inkpress brand materials. Currently I uses their fine art matte, fiber glossy, and double matte papers. Actually one of the owner has been my business friend probably before Inkpress was started so I have some knowledge about their products including their transparency material. I can recommend their material any time.

Thanks Philip

Dan Burkholder wrote:
Hi Philip,

If it's the same as the Photo Gallery Hi Gloss White Film from Pictorico, then it is not suitable for any U.V. sensitive process. There was a time when I recommended that material for silver gelatin printing because, with the printers of the day, the white film could hold more ink more smoothly than the transparency films. But time passes, printers get better and transparency films improve too. Now you can use the transparency film (I'm using Inkpress) for either the U.V. printing processes or the visible light ones.

You say the material you have feels thinner so there's a chance (albeit a slim one) that it passes U.V.

Hope this helps and best of success with your printing.



On Feb 17, 2009, at 12:20 AM, Pacific New Media wrote:

I got some Pictorico PGFH White Film in lower price than Inkpress white film and wonder if it can be used for producing digital negative for silver or certain alternative processes.

As I have been told by Pictorico tech support, the specifications for PGFH are: Thickness 5.2mil (PGHG 6.3mil ), weight is 182 GSM (PGHG 221 gsm). Opacity 97 (PGHG 97, the same). It seems it is a thinner/light weight version of Pictorico white film products.

Anyone has experience on this product? It is hard to find any information on the net and seems this PGFH white film has never been imported into USA before.

Thanks, Philip