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Re: Epson9800 and Venetian Blinds

There's a studio I sometimes work out of that had a 9800 for a few years. They had the heads repaired/changed very often, paper dust was also a big problem. They ended up replacing it with the new Canon 9100 the one with the built in densitometer.

jamiehy@tds.net wrote:
On my epson 4000 I started getting something that sounds similar. It was from half clogged heads deflecting the ink. Even power cleaning wouldn't solve it. Epson said I needed a new printhead. They knew the problem. It was under warranty and I ended up with a new printer. I saw the problem on paper prints, not transparency material
---- Aaron Schramm <acschramm@gmail.com> wrote:
Just to add a quickie, didn't see you mention if you turned off
bi-directional printing (aka highspeed)... give that a try as well.


On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 7:42 PM, ender100 <ender100@aol.com> wrote:

Hi Hans & Chia,

NIce to hear from you, but not so good under these circumstances.

Venetian Blinds actually run in the direction of the print head and are
much wider spaced. They are due to a fluctuation in density of the ink
being laid down and are usually most visible in very light areas of even
tone, such as skies. I first noticed them a few years back on prints done
by Dick Arentz with PDN.

The problem you are experiencing, even though you have cleaned your rollers
sounds like—rollers.

I wonder if the rollers have become scuffed? If you increase the inkload
my guess is they get worse.

Have you tried Pictorico OHP ULTRA? It dries faster and can take a greater

Maybe try cleaning the rollers again? Replace the rollers?

Have you switched inks? If so, maybe these inks don't dry as fast and are
being picked up by the rollers
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From:"Hans & Chia" <chiahans@pictoform.nu>Subject:Epson9800 and Venetian
BlindsDate:February 24, 2009 6:05:57 PM CSTTo:alt-photo-process-l@usask.ca
Hi all,

For a couple of years we have printed our green PDN-negs (R0 G255 B30 +15
ink) with an Epson 9800 and it has worked fine.
But suddenly it started to print vertical (paper feed direction) darker
bands about 4-7mm wide, hard to say because they are very softedged.
You see them in the dark part of the neg. They are not quite regural, it
reminds of the space between the suction holes but it isn't.
We print on OHP or CopyJet, uni-directional and 2880 dpi.

The triple alignment is made
Rails and rolers are cleaned
Different settings of micro weaving are tried
Different settings of suction are tried
Different settings of platen gap/paper thickness are tried
Different settings of drying time

Nothing seems to help
To print "normal" prints works.

Any ideas are welcome.

Hans and Chia

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