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Re: UV exposure unit survey

At Westminster Kingsway College in London The Photo Alt Class led by Peter Fredrick used a 6ft sunbed that had been adapted with a leg on each end with the tubes facing downwards and a simple contact printing frame with 2 pins from a stationary punch for registration and a protective skirt to reduce extrainious light.This system worked well in a classroom situation as the students could come and go as they pleased. This is where Peter taught his wonderful Temperaprint Process Dennis Klinker
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Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2009 5:49 PM
Subject: UV exposure unit survey

I apologize for asking the same question with new wording over and over again...

What are schools using if they aren't fabricating their own UV exposure units from scratch? I have been postponing making a decision on a exposure unit for the photo area at the University of Dayton. The NuArc First light is in our price range.

From the looks of it we won't be able to use split back printing frames. How do you check exposure and still retain registration with a vacuum frame unit?

francis schanberger