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Re: UV exposure unit survey

Talking about Peter Fredrick; how is he now? I remember he had serious
health problems a couple of years before... Did he recover? Is he active
again? Any info about him?


26 Şubat 2009, Perşembe, 11:43 pm tarihinde, dklinker yazmış:
> At Westminster Kingsway College in London The Photo Alt Class led by Peter
> Fredrick used a 6ft sunbed that had been adapted with a leg on each end
> with the tubes facing downwards and a simple contact printing frame with 2
> pins from a stationary punch for registration and a protective skirt to
> reduce extrainious light.This system worked well in a classroom situation
> as the students could come and go as they pleased. This is where Peter
> taught his wonderful Temperaprint Process Dennis Klinker